About Us

Okodoctor.com provides simple healthy tips, tricks and inspirational stories that will inspire you on your wellness journey and make living a healthy life easier and more fun.


Oluwanifise Emmanuel is an accounting graduate who had always had a flare for medicine, research and writing. He met a wonderful medical student while still in college and eventually got married to her. Being married to a medical doctor to a doctor further strengthened his love and interest for medicine particularly health information and healthy living and wellness. Being an everyday part of a doctor’s life and knowing the importance of a healthy lifestyle led to the creation of Okodoctor.com. A blog where he could put down simple health tips, tricks and inspirational stories to inspire others on their journey to wellness and healthy living whilst sharing insights on some medical conditions. He runs the blog with his brilliant and beautiful wife who is also an author on the blog.

Dr Adesola DeileOluwanifise is a certified medical doctor who has interest in health Information and Education. She believes that the perception a person has of any healthy condition goes a long way in the eventual outcome as knowledge is indeed power! She works in one of the public hospitals in Lagos, Nigeria and volunteers with several Non-profit and religious organizations giving out health information and affordable health care to the populace. She is married to her college sweetheart Emmanuel Oluwanifise who is the brain behind the Okodoctor.com blog.

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